About Debbie Dean

Born and raised in Northern Virginia, my photography aspirations began at 7 years old, going through rolls and rolls of film, and spending all my money on supplies to scrapbook my photos. Years later, I’m a Canon lover who enjoys capturing couples, babies, families, weddings, and everything in between.

I love people. I love seeing unique beauty in every human being. I love capturing natural joy and the originality of people’s personalities through my camera lens. I love capturing MOMENTS, and not relying on the edits a computer can give to make a good photo. Every person expresses themselves and shows their passion for life in different ways. I am blessed to be able to experience and capture some of these moments.

Portrait sessions start at $100/hour, which includes 50-100 digital images.

Weddings packages start at $2000/day coverage.

Inquire at debbiedeanphotography@gmail.com!

Check me out on Instagram at debdeanphotography!

2 thoughts on “About Debbie Dean

  1. I am contacting you because I heard of your photography/saw some of your pictures through Allison Martin. Your photos are beautiful and I would love to talk to you about potentially working with us on our wedding day. We get married August 10, 2013. I would love to hear from you! Thanks so much.

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